Why single Origin coffee is so popular

The popularity of single-origin coffee has surged in recent years. It provides the opportunity to explore diverse coffee-growing regions, allowing enthusiasts to embark on a coffee journey, savoring the world one cup at a time.

The term 'single-origin coffee' has become synonymous with quality and flavour diversity and stands out for its sourcing approach. Unlike blends, which amalgamate beans from diverse sources, single-origin coffee derives from a specific region or even a single farm. This allows us to spotlight individual producers and distinct flavors influenced by factors like soil, climate, altitude, and cultivation methods. This emphasis on terroir, borrowed from the wine industry, gives each batch its own narrative, a tale of origin captured in every sip.

Many of our single origin coffees are from central America. It might be that Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras have very similar terrains, and climates. Yet the diversity, and unique qualities of the coffee coming from these regions never ceases to amaze.

Whether you're a seasoned coffee lover or a novice, our range of single-origin coffee promise an exciting and flavorful adventure. We are always pleasantly reminded of the complexity and nuanced flavours single-origin coffee has to offer that illustrate its unique story. So, when enjoying a cup of our single-origin coffee, savor the journey from farm to mug and relish the rich, diverse flavors that make each sip a unique experience.