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East Java Province

East Java Province

In East Java's Bondowoso region, Mr. Echwan oversees a captivating collection of coffee farms near Dawuhan Village. Originally a Surabaya salesman, he embraced a new venture in 2012 when offered a plot of coffee-rich farmland near Mt. Ijen. Through dedicated efforts, Echwan flourished, forming local connections and mastering coffee cultivation in the mountainous landscape. Actively promoting his beans, he personally engaged with coffee roasters, complementing these efforts with a successful coffee blog and social media presence. Echwan's strategic approach has not only earned him fame in East Java but has also forged valuable connections with other producers in the Bondowoso region.


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Region: Bondowoso, East Java

Species: Arabica

Process: Honey

Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, Fig, Apricot

Varietal: Cobra, Lini S288, Lini S795, USDA

Growing Altitude : 1100 - 1200m

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Customer Reviews

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Christine Scarlett

This coffee is very smooth and very very drinkable! Notes of milk chocolate, fig and apricot. I always thought Indonesian coffees were quite smoky and spicy but this is not. Thanks Steve for recommending it, I might have otherwise steered clear. I shall be buying another bag soon.