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Nice and smooth

A very pleasant and enjoyable coffee. Strength wise, mid medium to stonge

Old Brown Java Coffee

Spiral Tumblers
Bethany Williams

Absolutely gorgeous, lovely glaze & delivery was speedy! Will be collecting more pieces.

Great coffee but

There's no doubts this is a nice coffee, but a little weak for me. If you like a medium coffee strength then it's for you.. could any body recommend a full strength strong coffee bean, working my through potterbeans collection all good

Brazil Fazenda Paraiso
Kristina Maciulaityte

Brazil Fazenda Paraiso

Coffee tumblers and coffee

Second time I fell for the coffee tumblers - do happy to have just the right gift for my family! It's my way of having a favourite coffee cup in every home I drink coffee!

Spiral Tumblers
Tom Rowberry
Coffee tumblers

After receiving my order I put the coffee tumblers straight to work. Not only do they look fantastic! They are great to hold and drink out of. Highly recommend

Coffee Tumblers

I absolutely adore Lucy's pottery. I have purchased tumblers, tea cups and bowls and the turquoise is so unique no-one else can quite match it. I'm very impressed with the class customer services too!!

Lovely mug - lovely cuppa

Really pleased to have nabbed the last mug of a recent batch that was unsurprisingly out of stock. Beautiful glazed dark green and black glazed design. Even more pleased to have been given a freebie bag of my absolute favourite Potterbeans coffee! Every variety I've had so far has been top notch.

Another fab coffee

Don't know how potterbeans keep producing such good coffee's, but again they have done. Nice well balanced coffee, back or white.

A very special smooth coffee

Our go to bean for the perfect start to the day.

Plenty of depth to the flavour and very smooth, this is definitely a coffee that stands out from the rest.

Good coffee

Working my through potterbeans coffee, and again yet an other good coffee. I gave it four stars as opposed to the five stars I have given to all other coffee's tried, reason being I found it a little bitter for my taste, but of course everyone's taste is different

Our new firm favourite

We picked a variety of origins including Old Brown Java and Sumatra Lintong which were incredible! The smoked essence really adds a wonderful dimension to the flavours as well as the aromas. Really enjoyable either as cafetière or V60, or mocha pot style brew!

Cuban wood fired

Lovely smoother blend for filter machine. Never tried this one from potter before, but will buy again.

Cuban Coffee
Carrie Hitchcock
Perfect roasting

Potterbeans were recommended to me a few months ago. This is the second order from them and they are definitely superior to anything I’ve had before.
No going back now!

Cuban Coffee
kevin wild
Ist class service and coffee

A first class company here right on my doorstep, excellent service with a good choice of coffee which is expertly roasted. Tried many different suppliers and always been disappointed, not any more

Old Brown Java. Rich and Chocolaty

Old Brown Java is rich, bold chocolaty coffee. I was rather worried buying this coffee as I always go for a medium roast. The milder brew with a little strength behind it. This coffee is stronger but that's over powered a bit by the smooth chocolaty taste. When I got the packet I could smell straight away the woodfire, you can barely taste it too. I would definitely buy Potter Beans Coffee again, but Old Brown Java is a bit naughty for me, will try another brew.

The best decaf coffee I've

The best decaf coffee I've tried. Good to know it a chemical-free decaffeination process. Delivered so quickly too!

Really lovely coffee with a

Really lovely coffee with a great depth of flavours.

Cuban Coffee
Parkins B.
Fast delivery, delicious coffee and

Fast delivery, delicious coffee and the individuals that run the company are lovely and really helpful.

Cuban Coffee
Pawel W.
Best coffee so far, and

Best coffee so far, and I’ve at it for some time with various people. Beautiful!!

Cuban Coffee
Roselyne W.
The best coffee beans! Amazing

The best coffee beans! Amazing service.

Gift Box Mexican RFA Coffee and Espresso Cups
Samantha W.
Delivery very quick. Gave 4

Delivery very quick. Gave 4 stars as gift not opened as its an xmas present therefore can’t check contents.

Delicious :kissing_heart:

Delicious :kissing_heart:

Mexican Coffee RFA
Roselyne W.
Really fast delivery and great

Really fast delivery and great coffee.