New Dawn Traders

  • A Different Way of Trading

    We are proud to now be stocking ‘Las Brisas’ beans from the great folks over at New Dawn Traders. They have been reshaping the way we see trade with their ‘voyage cooperative’ model. Bringing together the fantastic produce of many small independent businesses. These range from across the Atlantic and down the European coast. Shipped by their gorgeous sailing boats and distributed by'allis' across many ports. They’ve created a network that allows people as individuals to come together as a collective. Reducing risk and cost by sharing the load with each voyage. This is both sustainable and affordable. which is often the main barrier to shopping ethically.

  • Changing Consumption

    This new model is helping to foster an environment of change. One that isn’t dominated by the demands of mass production. But a more conscious one that respects its producers and their locale. One that allows others to contribute to and share in the experience. Meaning more people can discover the otherwise unknown treasures, not available on supermarket shelves. This all helps to shift our consumption to a more human level. They ship a great variety of quality products including many kitchen staples. These can mostly be bought in bulk further reducing costs and your weekly shopping list. These can all be pre-ordered via their website or the nearest affiliated port to you.

  • Sail Cargo Alliance (SCA)

    New Dawn Traders are also co-creating the Sail Cargo Alliance (SCA). Bringing together other communities around the world interested in ethical trade. Combining brokers, producers and ship owners to set up networks that reach further around the world. Helping to bring these wonders to more people, and allow more to participate in conscious consumption.

If you wish to learn more about their ‘voyage co-operative’ model, or support them by getting involved. Contact them via their website or get an order in for their next shipment.



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