pottery tumblers

New Espresso cups, and tumblers

 stoneware espresso cups
There are new stoneware clays, and tumbler styles for the winter season. This is in addition to our original espresso cup styles. Lucy has added some "spiral styles" to the collection of hand thrown espresso cups.
Coffee tumbler, hand made
These are very simple forms, with a certain tactile quality added, by loosely carving the outer bodies.
There is an effort to avoid accurate repetition, or finishes, which might reduce the unique nature of each cup. A simple, informal, natural look is the idea, and the hope you might be able to identify a favourite within a set of espresso cups, or tumblers.
The uniqueness, and character of individual cups is more important to Lucy, than repeating forms without fault. Knowing the strong attachment some people can have to their favourite coffee cup, we think this relationship is often enhanced when the cup is a one off. 
All the cups tie nicely together as sets, yet maintain a degree of non symmetry, and all show clear signs of the human input.
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