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Artisan Coffee Roasters & Pottery Makers

Potterbeans offer freshly roasted coffee beans and hand thrown pottery. Single origin coffees are wood roasted with artisanal skill on our restored vintage coffee roasters, using Cornish oak. Each pottery piece is individually hand made by Lucy Brown, here in our pottery Studio, in Cornwall.

Speciality Coffee Selection

A perfect way to identify your favourite coffees, and coffee origins. Choose from a range of speciality, and single origin coffee beans. Delivered in 120g tins with free silicone lid for keeping air tight.

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The Roastery

We believe in bringing people the best brew possible and love introducing them to exciting and sensational new coffees. We aim to roast our coffees with as little environmental impact as possible. The combination of these two goals led us to focus on wood-roasted coffee, the age-old method of preparing beans for brewing coffee. We are very fortunate to be able to source our solar dried oak locally, creating a very unique, and tasty brew.

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The Pottery Studio

Using the pottery wheel feels like a calling for our resident potter Lucy Brown. She describes it as a meditation: shaping and transforming earthly materials, to create functional and beautiful objects for everyday use. The glazes are, a constant fascination. Fluid, and floating glazes are used to create the most unique pieces possible. The pottery studio is based in Cornwall, in the same building as the roastery.

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Single Origin Coffees