Hand Thrown Stoneware

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Pottery Studio Cornwall, hand thrown stoneware

Using the pottery wheel feels like a calling for our resident potter Lucy Brown. She describes it as a meditation: shaping and transforming earthly materials, and incorporating colours of the beach and ocean, to create functional and beautiful objects for everyday use.

  • Hand thrown pottery cornwall

    Volcanic Islands

    Potterbeans pots are made exclusively of black stoneware clay. Evoking the black sand beaches of the volcanic islands from which we source many of our coffee selections.

  • Tropical Oceans

    We combine turquoise glaze with the black clay to complete the volcanic island feel. The turquoise glaze displays interesting changes in different light situations.

  • Functionality

    Beautiful, durable, and hard wearing, this pottery is designed to be used every day. The aim is to enrich the dining experience. It certainly elevates the morning coffee ritual here at Potterbeans!