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Old Brown Java

Old Brown Java

Hailing from the Indonesian Islands, Old Brown Java is a coffee treasure.

The raw beans were originally used as ballast on sailing ships and became tempered by the wood and brine to give the coffee a distinct flavour.

Our beans are matured naturally for six years to gain their full body.


More Coffee Details

Region: East Java, Ljien Plateau

Bean type: Arabica

Growing Altitude : 900– 1500

Process: Aged

Harvest: May–September

Aroma: Chocolate, smoke

Flavour: Cinnamon, chocolate, grape

Body: Full

Acidity: Mild

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin McGwynn
Old brown Java, and monsoon Malabar

They are both mild coffees that come in bean form. I live in the US having moved from the UK. I would recommend that the pre- grinned version is best for UK residents. I like the product and would buy again but unfortunately the shipping time was very long.

Leslie Barras
Old Brown Java

Old Brown Java is an old favourite of mine, a good body with low acidity. Once you get the grind right it is a good, anytime of the day coffee. To bring in a change I often mix it with other coffee beans.

Luke Padula

Old Brown Java Coffee

Old Brown Java. Rich and Chocolaty

Old Brown Java is rich, bold chocolaty coffee. I was rather worried buying this coffee as I always go for a medium roast. The milder brew with a little strength behind it. This coffee is stronger but that's over powered a bit by the smooth chocolaty taste. When I got the packet I could smell straight away the woodfire, you can barely taste it too. I would definitely buy Potter Beans Coffee again, but Old Brown Java is a bit naughty for me, will try another brew.

Rachel W.
Delicious :kissing_heart:

Delicious :kissing_heart: