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Cuban Coffee

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Cuban coffee beans produce a unique taste, that make it a favourite among coffee enthusiasts.

Cuba boasts two excellent coffee-growing regions - Baracoa in the south and the Sierra Maestra Mountains. These areas have fertile soil and a temperate climate that provides the perfect conditions for coffee cultivation. The coffee produced has a subtle acidity level and well-formed beans. While production volumes are relatively low, with around 1,500 tonnes per year, compared to the 45,000 tonnes produced annually at its peak in 1962, Cuban coffee is still highly sought after for its exotic appeal. The beans have a distinct flavour with chocolate and nutty notes, complemented by overtones of tobacco. While Cuban coffee may be more expensive to import, its unique taste and rarity make it a favourite among coffee enthusiasts.

More Coffee Details

Region: Sierra Maestra Mountains, Serrano Region

Bean type: Arabica

Growing Altitude : 1200-1800

Harvest: September - January

Aroma: Nuts, toffee

Flavour: Chocolate, nuts, caramel

Body: Full

Acidity: Low

The Cuban coffee industry faces several challenges that do need to be addressed. While there have been concerns about the quality of the coffee in the past, there are ongoing efforts to improve this, including a focus on transparency in the supply chain to ensure buyer satisfaction. Although traceability has been an issue, measures are being taken to rectify this. Financial restrictions due to embargos have limited investment in the industry, but there are still opportunities for growth, and improvement, despite the decline of the Soviet Union, which was Cuba's primary trading partner.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jacqueline Bentley
Wonderful aroma

Strong full flavour. Very happy. Will be reordering

Christine Scarlett

This is the best Cuban coffee I have tasted.

Neesha Sharma

Best cubanitos

Lovely mug - lovely cuppa

Really pleased to have nabbed the last mug of a recent batch that was unsurprisingly out of stock. Beautiful glazed dark green and black glazed design. Even more pleased to have been given a freebie bag of my absolute favourite Potterbeans coffee! Every variety I've had so far has been top notch.

Cuban wood fired

Lovely smoother blend for filter machine. Never tried this one from potter before, but will buy again.