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Cuban Coffee Organic Turqino

Cuban Coffee Organic Turqino

We are proud to be bringing you this coffee from BioCubaCafe; a collective that connects many producers all around Cuba. They are pioneering technology in traceability within the coffee supply chain that ensures a fair, equitable and traceable process from start to finish. Cubas significant reforestation since the 90’s has provided an excellent basis for sustainable coffee production too. It grows naturally in this environment allowing them to form a symbiotic relationship with the forest that ensures its longevity and fantastic coffee. Their production process utilises organic natural processes only and is pesticide free, further promoting a positive relationship with the rainforest.

All of this commitment to ensuring quality and sustainability is evident in the resulting coffee. One that boasts a classic Cuban profile with notes of chocolate and nuttiness, accompanied by a subtle fruity acidity. 

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Region: Sierra Maestra Mountain
(Granma Province)

Species: Arabica

Growing Altitude : 300-800

Harvest: September - January

Aroma: Nuts, toffee

Flavour: Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Nutty

Body: Full

Acidity: Medium

Process: Washed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kerri Woodman
Cuban Coffee Beans

Rich, delicious & smooth a real taste of Cuba to remind us of our travels there.

Delicious and dark

A little darker than I’m used to, but I love Cuban beans. I wonder if PotterBeans might consider a lighter roast with these beans for the future. Otherwise a low acidity, chocolatey, classic flavour profile for Cuban coffee. Would buy again.