Our Ethos

In an ever increasingly mechanised and automated world of mass-produced ‘things’. An age that is centred on fast-paced consumerism, that only wants bigger, better and faster. What room remains for craftsmanship and human skill in this world, when it can be done faster or cheaper by machines? We believe a shift in our patterns of consumption is long overdue.

Each piece of pottery is treated as a work of art, created with passion and care. We love the unique variations found in pottery, which are a testament to the artist's touch and the individuality of each piece. Our ceramics not only reflect the beauty of creativity, but are also durable, functional, and withstand the test of time.

The nature of wood roasting creates a deep connection with the process and the environment. As there is no off switch, unlike gas, constant care and attention is required to craft each batch. The involvement and smell of the roast form a full sensory experience. Locally sourced sustainable Oak is used to ensure that we craft consciously and with as little environmental impact as possible. This wood also imparts such a unique palette to the beans, creating an incredibly smooth and well-rounded coffee that most won’t have experienced.

We are focused on a conscious method of production and aim to foster a connection in all that we do. Whether it's a handmade piece of pottery or a perfectly roasted cup of coffee, we appreciate the unique and organic processes involved in both. We are dedicated to celebrating the art of craftsmanship and the beauty of individuality. Our mission is to create artisan pottery and wood-roasted coffee that embody this philosophy.