Rafael Amaya

Typically, in Colombia coffee beans are fermented for around 14-16 hours. Rafael began by fermenting them for around 40 hours, a significant increase and shift in the process. This set him on a path of experimentation that would see him produce incredibly unique and complex cups.

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Colombian Speciality

Colombian specialty coffee, known for its exceptional quality, thrives in diverse landscapes, offering a spectrum of flavors. From Nariño's high-altitude floral notes to Huila's caramel richness, Colombia's microclimates craft distinct profiles. As well as unique and delicious flavour profiles, it sets itself apart with a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Shade-grown, organic farming prevails, preserving ecosystems combined with Fair Trade and direct partnerships that empower local farmers.

Colombian coffee culture is a family affair with processing methods developed and passed on through generations. This relationship with coffee cultivation has helped to foster a strong sense of community in Colombia. Even combining the lots of some much smaller producers through initiatives that give them access to more markets.

We aim to honour their commitment to sustainabiltiy and quality each step of the way. By roasting carefully roasting in small batches over locally sourced Oak. We can ensure that all of their flavour potential is retained in a way that significantly reduces environmental impact.

In sum, Colombian specialty coffee embodies South America's coffee heritage. Diverse, sustainable, and community-driven, each sip tells a unique story, inviting coffee lovers to savor this exciting world.